Jerry and Marilyn McGhie


This is the 50th Anniversary of Jerry and Marilyn McGhie's move to Alpine. A perfect year to be selected as the Grand Marshals of the Alpine Days Parade. (And Jerry's 81st birthday is on that very day!)


Marilyn said, "The thing that attracted us to Alpine was that we realized what a great place it would be to raise a family. It had great people and a country atmosphere where the kids could enjoy the outdoors like we had when we were growing up."


Alpine did not disappoint and the McGhies jumped right in, being active in Church, civic, sports, cultural, and educational endeavors in the community for 50 years while raising 6 boys and 2 girls.


Jerry served for 4 years as an Alpine City Councilman. While on the city council, he was instrumental in acquiring land for Burgess Park and worked with the Federal Government to have matching funds for the purchase and development of the first 13 acres of the park. He was also instrumental in keeping Lambert Park property designated as "park property" so it could remain as a park. Jerry worked with the Moyle family to have their land donated to the city and worked with other Alpine citizens to get the current Moyle Park designated as a National Historical Site. 

Jerry and Marilyn belonged to the first horseback riding club in Alpine and spent many days riding in the beautiful hills and mountains surrounding Alpine. Jerry was active with the 4-H Horsemanship Club. He had Alpine City set land aside and started the city's funding for the current rodeo grounds. Then he and others spent many man hours getting it "rodeo ready." 


Marilyn was the first co-chair of the Miss Alpine Pageant in the late 1970's. She served on the committee for many years, including when it became the Alpine Jr Miss Pageant.  She was active in the PTA and 4-H for many years. Marilyn has spent thousands of hours at sporting events, music recitals, parent/teacher conferences, and scouting events while raising her 8 children (and a variety of dogs and horses) in Alpine. 


Jerry has been highly involved in the Boy Scouts of America program for many years. He has received the Second Miler and Silver Beaver Awards. Marilyn was active in cub scouts and instrumental in helping 6 sons and 8 grandsons (so far) earn their Eagle Scout Awards.


Active as a coach for Bantam basketball and little league baseball, Jerry also helped get Youth Soccer started in Alpine.


Alpine Days has been a busy time for Marilyn as her kids always rode in the parades on floats, horses, bikes and even on the 6 a.m. traditional "band wagon."  


Serving in the Church has been a priority for the McGhies. Marilyn has spent time serving in 3 Relief Society presidencies, in numerous cub scout and Primary callings, but for most of her life has served in Young Women with the Mia Maids. Jerry has served in Young Men's, on the high council, in the bishopric of the 2nd and 3rd Wards and as bishop of the 1st Ward. Jerry was the first Trek Master for Stake youth pioneer treks that have been going on for the past 12 years. The McGhies also served a mission in Nauvoo. 


They have always enjoyed snow and water skiing. Marilyn wake boarded last summer, and Jerry is still fishing, hunting, and riding horses in the mountains above Alpine. They have 16 grandsons, 15 granddaughters, and 10 great grandchildren.


The McGhies are known for their friendliness and sense of humor, their zest for life, and their loyalty to the many friends they have in Alpine. Jerry said, "We love Alpine for the peaceful beauty and the great people that are here."


Alpine City, 2020