Jay and Julia Healey


     Jay was born and raised in the tiny little town of Alpine, while Julia was raised in the tiny little town of Herriman, just over the mountain.  Both places had a little mercantile, two gas pumps, and one LDS Ward.  They have watched the growth and population explode throughout the years as each town was developed and became cities. Their great grandparents were the founding fathers and first settlers in both towns. Jay worked alongside of his father Marion for all his growing up years.  He bailed hay, and fed animals along with all the other chores that farmers do.  He knew how to drive the tractor when he was 6 years old.  He irrigated the fields all hours of the day and night.  Jay and his three siblings attended the school on the hill, Alpine Elementary, which had 6 grades in it.  He was able to leave first to go to lunch each day because he and a friend helped carry his classmate, Junior Galetka, who had polio.  They carried him up and down the stairs several times a day.  Wintertime brought lots of fun.  During recess, after school and on Saturdays the children would sleigh ride from the top of the hill, past the school, onto the road and continue down to Main Street.  What a thrill!        Jay started hiking up in the hills and mountains of Alpine at a young age.  He later would hunt deer in the same mountains (he was an excellent shot).  He has lot of stories about the old-timers and who was related to who and how things used to be “in the good ‘ol days”.

     Julia was  the oldest of six children, having five younger brothers.  They attended the little schoolhouse in Herriman, where there were 2 teachers and a total of 60 children in the whole school.  Jay attended the combined junior high and high school in the schoolhouse on the hill in American Fork from 7th grade to 10th grade.  He attended his last 2 years at the new American Fork High School, and graduated with 128 other students in 1961.  He continued his studies at Utah State University.  Julia attended West Jordan Jr. High School where she was a cheerleader for 3 years.  She went on to Bingham High School and graduated in 1966. Jay laid hardwood floors for Lynn Hale.  The biggest floor they laid was the original Deseret Gym, located where the LDS Conference Center is now.  He served for six years in the Army National Guard during the Vietnam War, but his guard unit was never deployed.
    Jay started working utility construction for Turner Construction until it closed.  Meanwhile Julia worked at Electronic Memories in West Jordan making memory boards until they were married on July 24th 1969.  Jay went on to work for Jay Tuft Construction for eighteen years until the company closed it’s doors.  He then went to work for Westcon Construction laying pipe up and down the coast of California for six years.  He was then hired by Alpine City in May of 1993.  He served as the Public Works Director.  He knew how to work with his men and they all admired him and had a deep respect for him.  His two greatest accomplishments while working for the city were the pressurized irrigation and the downtown project, which was the curb and gutter and sidewalks in all of downtown Alpine.  He also assisted Ula Hemingway in erecting many historical sites throughout the city.  Jay attended every city meeting on Tuesday night for 20 years.  During which time he was instrumental in planning and developing four city parks, and many other city projects.
     The Healey family developed their family farm, which is now called Healey Heights.  They created Healey Park for the city and donated the land for the Alpine High Bench LDS Chapel.  Jay designed and developed their 100 acres of land.  While Jay was working hard, Julia had 7 children, which kept her very busy.  She considers her children her greatest joy and accomplishment.  Her and Jay have 8 grandchildren and still counting.  Julia and Jay served on the Old Folks Committee from 1972, until the program ended.  They served as the chairman for many of those years.  In the first years of their marriage, Julia was asked to teach 4-H classes.  Her 4-H kids took many things to the County and State Fairs.  Julia also shared her talents by helping with many “Road Show Productions”, in Herriman and Alpine.  She choreographed dancing and applied all kinds of make-up, created backdrops and made costumes.  She has taught craft classes in the Adult Education Program and in Relief Society Homemaking Classes.  She started selling her crafts at the boutiques for years in the 1980s. Jay spent countless hours constructing tents, booths, power lines and water lines for Alpine Days.  He hauled chairs, bleachers and equipment and did so much of the behind the scenes work.  Julia organized the Alpine Days Fair at the Old Gym on the hill.  It was filled to the brim with the best creations that Alpine people brought and displayed. For 29 years their children rode on floats that she made or rented.  She also helped with the fish- pond and other concessions, even the bake sale for the DUP.
    Julia owned and operated Sunshine Preschool for many years.  Her love of children was demonstrated every day as she taught them.  Many people were sad when she retired.  Are you a Sunshine School Graduate?  Julia creates fun and laughter wherever she goes.  She knows how to have a great party. In fact, she taught classes on parties and reunions for the Stake Relief Society and surrounding community wards.  Julia has served in many LDS Church capacities.  She has served in many presidencies on the stake and ward level.  She is now serving as a Compassionate Service Leader and enjoys helping others.
    Jay and Julia have lived in their four-generation home for 47 years.  Jay has remodeled and added onto their home throughout those years. They have traveled the whole world over and found “there’s no place like home”.  Alpine is a beautiful city and a wonderful place to raise children.  There are lovely views from every angle and every season adds to its charm.  We love Alpine!

Alpine City, 2020